Wednesday, October 23, 2019
               Have you ever considered the possibility of converting your swimming pool to a salt chlorine generated pool?  There are distinctive advantages to this that includes saving you time and money.  A salt pool gives you freedom because it requires less maintenance and frees your wallet of the cost of chlorine tablets, as well as weekly trips to the pool store for liquid chlorine.  Consider these points when deciding to convert to a salt pool.
  • A salt pool allows you to maintain lower chlorine levels, which make the water more gentle on the skin, eyes, hair, and swim apparel.
  • A salt generator will only produce chlorine on an as needed basis, in which, over time, is less damaging to  your pool surface.
  • Salt pools are much safer because they do not require storage of chlorine or chlorine tablets which may have corrosive effects.
  • Salt water pools do not have the chlorine smells that a chlorine pool will have.
  • Salt water pools are a health advantage to those with asthma or allergies.
  • The initial cost of a salt generator will be more, however, because you will no longer be buying chlorine or chlorine tablets, the system will pay for itself within the first year.
TRACEY 10/23/2019