Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Top Reasons To Heat Your Swimming Pool This Winter.

Top Reasons To Heat Your Swimming Pool Heat Pump This Winter.

While enjoying our summer months and refreshing waters of our swimming pools, backyard barbeques, get-togethers and the company of loved ones; we wish we could make these pleasant moments and memories last just a bit longer, we can! Extending our swimming pool season is one of many benefits of installing a swimming pool heat pump, and there are many others. In this article we will go over the most popular and beneficial reasons for heating your swimming pool in the winter months. 

Health Benefits
An extended swimming season translates to more swimming, and more swimming translates to more exercise. Swimming is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise, as it does not place excess stress on your joints. Swimming is particularly beneficial to elderly people, who cannot run or jog, and to people who suffer from arthritis and muscular diseases.
In addition to providing for an excellent method of exercise, a heated swimming pool prevents chilling due to excessive body heat loss. Young children and elderly people are particularly susceptible to respiratory infections due to repeated chilling. 

One of the most valued benefits by consumers of a heated swimming pool is increased recreational time with family and friends. A heated swimming pool brings together family and friends for relaxation and enjoyment.

Comfortable Swimming Season
By heating your swimming pool, you can also enjoy a more comfortable swim season. Most people enjoy swimming in water that measures between 82° and 84°F. In many climates, swimming pool water may only reach 75°F without a heat pump, even during summer months. Moreover, the temperature of your swimming pool water will naturally fluctuate with the weather. A heater is essential to setting and maintaining comfortable swimming pool water temperatures.

Extended Swimming Season
As one of our customers has said: “Why do I have a swimming pool, but to use it?!” A heat pump extends your swimming season. Without a it, you may only be able to use your swimming pool during three or four months each year, depending on your location. Heating your swimming pool gives you a higher return on your investment simply by allowing you to swim more often. In fact, some swimming pool owners have doubled and even tripled their swimming seasons by installing heaters. 

As you can see, a heat pump for your swimming pool has many benefits, not just extending your season but also great health benefits

TRACEY 8/19/2014